INR | Diabetes Testing Supplies

INR | Diabetes Testing Supplies

Dynquest Medical provides quality line glucometers and supplies. We offer a wide variety of diabetic testing supplies (i.e., glucose meters, batteries, test strips, lancing devices, and lancets), as well as Continuous Glucose Monitor Systems and impotence products.


Diabetes Testing Supplies

At Dynquest Medical we have an extensive selection of Diabetes Testing Supplies. We carry the CoaguChek system. This is a simple, convenient and safe device that helps you to monitor your coagulation status at home. This thereby reduces the time that you have to spend in hospital, at general practices or at anticoagulation clinics.

Some of the many other advantages of Self-Monitoring include:

  • It only takes a few easy steps and one minute to get an INR result
  • It gives more independence in daily life professionally and privately: there is no need to travel to and from appointments or to interrupt a busy schedule
  • You are actively involved in your own health and treatment, thus more compliant

The most important advantage of Self-Monitoring, however, is that the coagulation status can be regularly and frequently checked, so that anticoagulant therapy can be adjusted when necessary. Frequent testing is essential because factors such as drugs, illness, nutritional intake, alcohol, traveling and stress may interfere with the coagulation status.

Self-Monitoring with CoaguChek XS or CoaguChek S systems means that anticoagulant therapy can be constantly optimized, which decreases the possibility of complications, such as clots or bleeding.