About Dynquest Medical

Who we are

Dynquest Medical located in Fairfax

Dynquest Medical located in Fairfax, Virginia is a durable medical equipment supply company specializing in all supplies: nebulizers, c-pap machines, incontinence supplies, enteral therapy, and daily living products, amongst others. These products are used in homecare and extended care settings to address the recovery, rehabilitation and respiratory therapy needs of individuals.

Why Dynquest Medical

Fifteen years of DME experience

  • - Over fifteen years of DME experience.
  • - Accredited by Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP).
  • - Extensive relationship with leading hospitals, doctor's offices and assisted living facilities.
  •  - A Pharmacist on staff.
  • - Variety of equipment and supplies.
  • - Patient education.
  • - Loaner Equipment during repairs.
  • - CPM Machines and Biliblanket rentals.
  • - Participation with most insurance plans.
  • - Quick service/short turnaround time.
  • - Strong relationship with leading industry manufacturers.
  • - 24 hours/7 days on-call service.

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